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Computer Scientist and Mechatronic Engineer, and PhD Researcher in the Human-Centered Ubiquitous Media group at LMU Munich. My research field is human computer interaction, particularly human augmentation/Human-computer Integration/Human-computer symbiosis. I'm highly interested in creating technologies to help humans overcome their natural sensory, cognitive, and motor limitations.
Research takes time, effort and commitment, and more important: good mentors. I had the chance to work with knowledgeable people across my career as a researcher. I acknowledge all of those professors and researchers who taught me the tips and tricks of the academy. Hereby, I will tell you who influenced my academic path, let us start from the beginning: I got my bachelor's degree from the Instituto Tecnologico Metropolitano de Medellin (Colombia). Where my passion for research started, thanks to Prof. Diego Hincapie Zuluaga and Prof. Dr. Edwar Torres and their work in thermodynamic simulations using the Finite Elements Method. Afterward, at Masters's level, and having moved to Brazil, I applied this knowledge to propose, under the advice of Prof. Dr. Anderson Maciel (UFRGS), a method to simulate phase change in real-time applications. Brazil was a productive journey; I also had the chance to learn haptics and immerse myself in Human-Computer Interaction, exploring areas like mid-air haptics, force feedback, and texture simulation. During the last semester of my master's, I had the chance to work with Dr. Claudio Pacchierotti and Prof. Maud Marchal at INRIA Rennes (France). Together we developed a study on stiffness perception of tangible objects as a continuation of the work of Dr. Pacchierotti in wearable haptics. Once I finished my time in France, I had the chance to work with Prof. Dr. Albrecht Schmidt and Dr. Tonja Machula at Human-centered Ubiquitous Media in Munich (Germany) – my current affiliation. At HCUM, We are actively working to find ways to enhance human capabilities and create new senses. The world has changed, and we have a unique opportunity to accelerate evolution through embodied devices. If this topic is from your interest, find me in the social networks and share with me your thoughts about the future of augmented humans and interaction with machines.

# Member IEEE Technical Committee on Haptics Reviewer IEEE VR 2020 Reviewer ISMAR 2020 World Haptics 2019 SC 1st Place

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