# Work Eperience

# HIVE LAB (Current)

Modern technologies for health applications should preserve the quality of life of users and improve their well-being. Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR) offer new possibilities for human-technology interaction through multimodal and immersive user experiences. The successful design and realisation of technical innovations always takes place here through context-sensitive embedding in the everyday life of the users.

# H-REALITY (2019)

The ambition of H-Reality will be achieved by integrating the commercial pioneers of ultrasonic “non-contact” haptics, state-of-the-art vibrotactile actuators, novel mathematical and tribological modelling of the skin and mechanics of touch, and experts in the psychophysical rendering of sensation. The result will be a sensory experience where digital 3D shapes and textures are made manifest in real space via modulated, focused, ultrasound, ready for the untethered hand to feel, where next-generation wearable haptic rings provide directional vibrotactile stimulation, informing users of an object's dynamics, and where computational renderings of specific materials can be distinguished via their surface properties. [H-Reality Official Website](https://www.hreality.eu/)

# ANNELIDA (2017 - 2019)

Given the operational needs of oil companies and the interest of research groups in the relevant objective, this research project proposes the development of an innovative robotic system for pipeline inspection with the ability to perform 5D curves. This innovation project is presented as a complement to the innovation project that is being simultaneously proposed by the SENAI Institute of Innovation of Embedded Systems, with the support of the SENAI Institute of Innovation of Polymer Engineering. Together, these two innovation projects intend to promote significant cost reduction and downtime in oil production.